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Show UpStand Out is a free program from the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants to help get children to school every day. We work with you to find out what you need to make sure your kids attend school regularly. All calls, emails, and visits are confidential. Get help here.

The Things You Should Know

Attending school every day, even in kindergarten, is important.

  • Kids who miss even a few days of school early in the year, are 5 times more likely to have major attendance problems that year. 1

  • Missing school days means missing out on important skills, like learning how to read. If children fall behind on reading skills by 3rd grade, they’re less likely to graduate high school on time. 2

  • Kids who miss the most school have the lowest grades and the highest dropout rates. 3


  • 79% of families who received comprehensive services from Show Up, Stand Out improved kids’ attendance.

“We know that the support Show Up, Stand Out offers families – from a simple wake-up plan, to travel assistance for parents taking their children to school – can make a dramatic impact on attendance, and therefore improve student grades and success at school.”

1. “Why September Matters: Improving Student Attendance,” Baltimore Education Research Consortium, Linda S. Olson, 2011

2. “Double Jeopardy: The How Third-Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation,” D. Hernandez, 2011

3. “Truancy Reduction: Keeping Students in School,” by M. Baker, J. Sigmon and M. Nugent, 2001

  • What Parents Say

    Before Show Up, Stand Out, I felt like I was doing everything on my own. The support they were able to give me made such a difference in my life.
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What Parents Say