Taking a Two-Generation Approach: Connecting Parents to Resources So They Can Help Their Kids
April 16, 2018

  Melinda Harris-Bryant has known her share of loss. From the loss of her father, her home to fire, to the most difficult of losses – a child. Keeping track of her children’s attendance at school was not high up on her list of priorities. There were days when she didn’t know where to turn […]

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It’s More than a Breakfast Club
February 9, 2018

  How one D.C. mom found a community of support through Show Up, Stand Out For Marquia Bailey and her three kids, life hasn’t always been easy. Without a steady job, moving from place to place and being a single mom, getting her kids to school on time every day was a real challenge. Being […]

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Participate in an Urban Garden Project Together
September 12, 2017

  Grow your relationship with your children while learning about what it takes to create a community garden. The Anacostia Community Museum is hosting a free 3-part series of hands-on workshops where you and your children can learn everything that goes into starting an urban garden. The workshops will be hosted by Derek Thomas, the […]

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Attendance Awareness Month
September 12, 2017

  September is Attendance Awareness Month! With the school year just beginning, now is the time to focus on building strong attendance practices for students. National data from 2013-2014 showed that 14% of all students (about 6.8 million students) were chronically absent. Engaging students is the key to attendance. Boosting attendance at schools isn’t just […]

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What’s the difference between truancy and chronic absence?
July 26, 2017

  Whenever a child does not attend school, it’s detrimental to their education. According to Attendance Works, the leading national organization on school attendance, there are two ways that people refer to absenteeism: truancy and chronic absence. These words are not interchangeable, and describe two different aspects of the problem with different solutions. Truancy Truancy refers […]

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The Requirements for Graduation
June 8, 2017

  Graduation season is fast approaching! If your child has been attending class and has completed the requirements below then they will receive a diploma this year. Did you know that all students must also complete 100 hours of community service to receive a high school diploma? For the past five years, graduation rates for […]

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Show Up, Stand Out and Win Prizes
May 15, 2017

  We know it’s not easy to get your kids to go to school, so with a little help from technology, your child can win prizes for attending school. Show Up, Stand Out has created a mobile app that rewards students for regular attendance. Students can simply download the app onto their smartphones and check […]

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Improving Academic Performance After Hours
April 24, 2017

  Afterschool programs are designed for students to continue learning after the traditional school day has ended. DC schools provide high-quality programming that is available to students in PK3 through grade 5 at elementary schools and PK3 through grade 8 at education campuses.   Afterschool programs offer both academic and extracurricular activities for students. Students […]

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Attendance Gaps Leads to Achievement Gaps
March 13, 2017

  Helping your child succeed in school starts with attendance. When children attend school every day, their capacity to learn and excel increases, building a foundation for a great future. Missing a few days of school may not seem like a big problem, but poor attendance leads to achievement gaps in a child’s education. Poor […]

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Strengthening the Parent and Teacher Partnership
January 18, 2017

Getting your children to school can be tough. The good news is, you’re not alone. Partner with your child’s teacher to help get them back on track for a successful school year. Here are some easy ways to get started and take the first step:   Communicate: Positive communication is the key to establishing a […]

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