Attendance matters! Missing just two days of school per month can lead to academic trouble – even for kids in the early grades. Starting in kindergarten, regular attendance increases students’ achievements in math and reading by the time they reach first grade.

The effects of missing school can impact all kids, no matter who they are or where they live. It can even affect students who attend school regularly, because it slows down the progress of an entire class.

As absences add up through the years, your child is in danger of failing classes, receiving low standardized test scores, dropping out of school, not getting a job, becoming at-risk of drug and alcohol abuse and more likely to become incarcerated. This is why attendance is so important, and we are here to help. Take the first step and contact your school’s SUSO team member through this map.

It’s not too late! Let’s try to get our children to attend school.

The good news is that together we can get your children back on track. Students who are frequently absent but improve their attendance early on can reverse many of the long-term effects.