Show Up, Stand Out has partners working with over 50 elementary and middle schools in DC.
79% of families who have partnered with Show Up, Stand Out saw improved attendance for their kids.
Missing 3 or more school days per month can set students back up to 2 years of learning.
In DC, 20% of public school students miss at least 15 days of school each year.
2,160 is the number of days kids spend in school, from first grade to twelfth. Every day counts.
Missing just 2 days of school per month can lead to academic trouble.
District passed the Attendance Accountability Amendment Act in 2013. For the first time, parents of children who miss 10 or more days of instruction, can be fined or required to take community service and classes.
Kids who miss even a few days of school early in the year, are 5 times more likely to have major attendance problems that year. (“Why September Matters: Improving Student Attendance,” Baltimore Education Research Consortium, Linda S. Olson, 2011)